Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats

Andrea Jovellanos
1 min readMay 25, 2021


It is important to assess how things progressed after an activity. In our case, my groupmates and I finished a remote interview with Ms. Ada Marie Sibayan-Bedard. How did we do?

Here is what we had to say for ourselves:

Our strengths:

  • The group members were able to contact the interviewee quickly.
  • The interviewers were presentable and prepared for the interview.
  • The interviewers were all on time for the interview.
  • The token provided to the interviewee was personal and crafted from within the group.

Our weaknesses:

  • The letter was signed later and the initial scheduled interview had to be moved.
  • The interviewers are not professional interviewers and writers.
  • The interview was set by 7 am with a call time of 6 am to adjust to the interviewee’s schedule, causing the interviewers to be fatigued.

Opportunities we were able to encounter:

  • Meeting a professional with experience as a media practitioner expands the interviewee’s network of connections.
  • Advice and warnings from the interviewee may help the interviewers if they encounter similar situations in the future.
  • Knowledge broadened about the media, which benefits the interviewer as a future media practitioner.

Threats we unfortunately encountered:

  • Time zone differences of Montreal and the Philippines made the timeframe options for a scheduled interview limited.
  • Poor network connection of some members from the interviewer group caused distraction while the interviewee was speaking

Overall, it was a fun learning experience. I especially enjoyed writing the personality sketch after the interview.